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Old San Juan Walking Tour

Quick Details

2-Hour Walking Tour

Discover Old San Juan on Foot

There is a magical feeling to Old San Juan, known for its rich history, century-old forts, romantic ambiance, and old-world European charm. San Juan is a colorful, vibrant Caribbean city full of life and activity. Discover its amazing history and culture with one of our walking tours! Walk on blue cobblestones, looking up at decorated balconies with beautiful flowers swinging in the ocean breeze! Just select a two-hour or a full-day tour.

Our Two-Hour Tour

Meet up with your guide at Plaza Colon. Originally called St. James Square, this impressive plaza features a grand staircase and a fountain at the feet of the statue of Christopher Columbus. This area is known as a spot where local artists and musicians gather. After the introduction, the guide leads you to an urban promenade called Paseo de la Princessa. See the monumental Raices Fountain and continue along the city wall, where the view is spectacular and the past comes alive.

You have the chance to walk on Paseo de La Princesa and enter the city through the San Juan Gate, which was the main entry into the walled city during its Spanish colonial era. See the impressive Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, the second-oldest Cathedral in the Western Hemisphere, together with historic sites such as El Convento, Capilla del Cristo, and Capilla San Jose. Our tour culminates at La Plaza del Quinto Centenario to catch views of the huge lawn that leads to El Morro, the Atlantic Ocean, and our entrance into the San Juan Bay Harbor.

Toward the end, your guide presents options and recommendations to continue your Old San Juan experience. You may continue to explore inside San Cristobal Fort and Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Also, this is a great opportunity to savor some of our local cuisine and shop for authentic local artisan work.

Full-Day Old San Juan Walking Tour with San Cristobal Fort

We begin our journey at San Cristobal Fort and continue to Paseo de la Princesa, where we walk down the promenade lined with trees and benches that lead you to a magnificent water fountain and bronze sculpture depicting the island’s diverse cultural roots. The Princesa, formerly a jail and now headquarters for the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, is found midway down the promenade.

As we continue our walk, the promenade follows the bay along the city wall to the Puerta de San Juan or San Juan Gate. We re-enter the city through the gate and have the opportunity to view historic sites such as El Convento, San Juan Cathedral, Casa Blanca, Capilla de Cristo, Plaza San Jose, El Morro Fort, and much more.