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Health & Safety

Dear valued customer,


Our top priority and commitment during this health crisis has been to keep you, your family, and our staff safe.  With that in mind and following the guidelines and suggestions from health authorities and the government of Puerto Rico we have updated our COVID -19 protocol for all our clients. We want to be part of the solution to this crisis and remain vigilant, implementing the most rigorous standards and protocols to prevent and slow down the transmission of this virus.


Please see below:

Starting August 16, 2021, all clients must present their COVID -19 vaccination card to participate of our tours.

-Card can be presented by photo or approved vaccine app. Card must be legible if presenting via photo.

-A photo ID will be required at check-in, alongside with the vaccine card, app or photo.

-Card must display 2 doses of the vaccine for Moderna or Pfizer, or 1 dose for Jansen.

-Fully vaccinated people are considered those who had their second shot 14 days + ago.

-This applies to everyone 12yrs and older.

-Children 12- 3 yrs. Old must have negative COVID  test.

-Children under 2yrs. Do not need to wear a mask as recommended by the CDC.

-Must bring document with evidence of child’s age if a photo ID with DOB is not provided.

-Mask wearing is always required in all of our services, even when in open space. Exceptions will only apply for people in water and at the beach during Catamaran excursion.

-Masks required for all vehicle transfers, without exceptions

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